Anyone looking for an original experience will want to try out what they can get from the blackberry kush strain. This is a popular option among many people looking for medical marijuana. This is because it does contain some potent sedative effects, which can help some people get to sleep. It will also have its own unique effects on the senses, which helps make it a very original strain for connoisseurs to try as well. Many users will want to try this variety out to see what it has to offer. They may want to put it in to their regular rotation going forward.


First, some users may want to learn a little about the origins of this variety. It was developed using primarily an Indica oriented strain. This explains much of its potency, since it will have strong effects on anyone who tries it out for themselves.

But it does have a bit of Sativa within it, which helps to add a sedative effect for many people out here. It will have a unique taste for many people who test it, provided by the Indica portion of its strain. The effect of this plant will be long-lasting for most people, making a it perfect choice for anyone who wants long term relief.


It may help consumers to learn a little about the appearance of the blackberry kush strain. This will help people identify it when they find it in different dispensaries in their area. They may also want to avoid any imitations of this strain, since this one does have some authentic effects to test. The flowers on this strain have a very exotic look to them, which may have a certain appeal to many buyers out there.

There are also quite a few different trichomes on this plant, which will give the bud a fuzzy appearance. There are also some multicolored hairs spread throughout the plant, which will also make it easy to spot.

Many people have noted that this strain can be difficult to grow in a few different climates. This makes it a rare find for some people and may contribute to its high cost. The plant will also only grow to about 2-3 feet, which will limit the amount of yield that it can produce. But this will likely add to its appeal, because its rarity is often considered a special feature among many users out there.

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