The medical marijuana strain known as Cataract Kush, is from a hybrid plant formed by combining two other popular plants, L.A. Confidential and O.G. Kush. The plants take from 8 to 9 weeks to flower and boast a medium to high yield at harvest. This Indica dominant strain has an earthy smell common among the Kush plants. The Indica strain has been proven to be highly adaptable through a variety of gardening and climate conditions, though they seem to prefer cooler climate instead of a hotter one. They are also slower than other types of plants when it comes to their initial growth.

Its medical benefits have been seen in a large number of ailments.
These can include:
-Insomnia and other sleep disorders
-Eating Disorders
-Chronic pain
-Chronic stress

The Cataract Kush strain contains a layer of crystals that give it a dark grayish hue, instead of the typical green. The Cataract Kush has also been suggested to not be intended for use by new or relatively light marijuana users. It is intended for those who have a specific need for its unique long term effects to manage pain or other health concerns.

Cataract Kush is said to have the effect of becoming most potent after about 10 minutes of initial dose and to increase slightly over a longer period of time than some other strains. This increased time of potency allows those with the most severe health needs to feel its effects over a longer period of time than some other strains previously used. The long term effects of this strain are what make it increasingly beneficial for aid in sleeping issues. It is also known to increase appetite and may have added and long term benefits for those with severe stress or anxiety issues.

 Cataract Kush is a great option for medical vaporizers allowing its users to get the most benefits from the marijuana. This could add to increased relief of symptoms and decrease the amount of time patients are dealing with pain or other chronic conditions.

Like any medicine used to treat a variety of health concerns,  Cataract Kush has some seemingly mild side effects reported. These can include mild headache and dizziness as well as dry eyes and mouth often associated with smoking the substance. These side effects were relatively mild, not reported by all users and are not likely to increase or cause additional health concerns or implications.

Photo credit: Symic / Foter / CC BY

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