Critical Kush is an indica-focused strain from Barney’s Farm and is the result of crossbreeding the popular strains of Critical Mass and OG Kush. This particular strain offers a pleasant bouquet of earth, pine wood, and spice as it releases a calm aura into the user’s body and mind. As an indica-heavy strain, Critical Kush is heavily laden with THC. Anyone looking to cultivate this strain will need to wait for roughly two months before it completely flowers with a lot of crystals and very densely arranged buds, leading to a relatively high yield.

Medicinal Uses of Critical Kush

Critical Kush is an excellent means of treating any level of insomnia, and offers only a slightly-less potent effect on any sensations of pain or extreme tension riddling the user. This particular strain also has a moderately positive effect on encouraging an appetite and in relaxing any sort of muscle spasms. Critical Kush can be prescribed for the treatment and relief of a patient that suffers from anxiety, Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and/or gastrointestinal issues.

General Effects of Critical Kush

The most noticeable effect that users experience upon the partaking of this particular strain is an overwhelming sense of relaxed calm and inner peace. While all of Critical Kush’s effects such as a creative surge, drowsiness, happiness, and elation, are quite prevalent among users, the relaxation is definitely the strongest of them all.

Drawbacks and Negatives of Critical Kush

Although there is the rare occurrence of headaches or fits of paranoia, the most likely drawbacks of consuming Critical Kush are dryness of the mouth and/or of the eyes, although some users may experience temporary bouts of dizziness.

Other Information Regarding Critical Kush

Although some may be detect a chemical or medicinal smell from this strain or the odd taste akin to pickles, the effects of Critical Kush occur relatively quickly after consumption. This is a great strain for when you need to relax and grab some sleep when your mind just can’t stop working overtime. However, those looking to partake of this strain through smoking or vaping should be aware that its airborne form has a rather strong potency and beginners may need to work themselves up to its strength.
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