Grape God is a cross between God bud and Grapefruit from a generic point of view. The buds are very dense and have a round shape when compressed. The hairs on it are a light orange pinkish color. The smell is described as a dull grapefruit smell and the fruity hint is over powered by the grape-like taste. It has a creaminess fruity-like taste that fills the taste buds.

Buzz type and Buzz length

Many individuals have indicated that the buzz they do get from the Grape God tends to hit them hard; however, they can still function with a joyous high. The length of the high may take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. Thereafter, the nap feeling kicks in.

Medical marijuana strains are submitted by the following states:
• Arizona
• California
• Colorado
• Maine
• Maryland
• Michigan
• Montana
• New Jersey
• Rhode Island
• Washington

The governor of New York recently announced that the state would pilot a medical marijuana program. Since then, he has made good on his word, therefore, New York has become the 23rd state that has legalized medical marijuana. The pilot program is more restricted and the program is designed to benefit patients suffering from diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and AIDS. Further restrictions do include the following:

• A limited number of authorized businesses will be allowed to grow and distribute the herb.
• Qualified patients must receive prescriptions from state-approved physicians.
• Qualified patients must carry registration cards.
• Any patients caught selling the prescribed medical marijuana will face misdemeanor charges.

Grape God traits

Grape God has high concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which can be used for pain, great for relaxation, alteration of visual, auditory, olfactory senses, fatigue, and appetite stimulation. Grape God is known to be a handy and a multipurpose medical herb.

Grape God availability can be found in dispensaries near you with Grape God in stock. One would have to research this information on the internet. A medical marijuana strain locator can be used as part of the searches. The abuse of medical marijuana is illegal. Individuals have to take the correct measures to obtain the herb and not use it for recreational purposes or as a form of income.

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