Growing outdoor cannabis
If you are growing cannabis outdoors there are several things to put on your to-do checklist. First of all you want to match a good outdoor strain with the climate you are in. If you are in a place that has frost in the early spring and late fall, then you might want to choose a much tougher strain of cannabis to grow.

After strain selection your to-do list should consist of; choosing a location, preparing your medium, security from pests and choosing fertilizer.

Location for Growing Outdoor Cannabis

When it comes to a good location for growing outdoors you have to decide on one of two things, will you go big and choose a very open plot, or will you go secure and choose a plot with more cover. Some people grow more plants with more cover and some grow plots with few plants but out in the open but both methods should yield about the same amount.

Location is totally based on your judgment so weigh out the options carefully, scout your areas well and think it through.

Preparing Outdoor Grow Medium for Cannabis

There are several different type of grow medium for an outdoor cannabis garden. Once you have found your plot and dug your holes almost any traditional grow medium will work. You can even use the natural loam that may be on scene. Whatever you choose for a medium there are some amendments you should add.

Pest Security for Outdoor Growing

Your first line of defense should be a fence. It is easy to make a circle fence from chicken wire. Use wire with 2 inch holes so the plants can grow right through them later on. This will keep out deer and other herbivores from snacking on the young plants. It will also keep out carnivores that are lured in by the scent of the fertilizer.

Then you will need something to control slugs, particularly in lower damp climates. Also look for something to keep rodents and rabbits from chewing on the stalks. Inspect for any other pests attacking your plants. If needed only use organic pesticides.

Choosing Fertilizer for Outdoor Cannabis

You will want to choose an organic fertilizer for vegging and blooming. There are many options for each, for example blood meal works great for vegging and bat guano works for flowering. After fertilizer you should have something to help with drainage such as vermiculite and pearlite. In some dry climates you can add soil moist to your medium to help it retain moisture. If your climate is dry you will still need to maintain a proper watering schedule.

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