Growing weed in your room
Growing weed in your room can be done in a few ways. Many people think that a grow room is needed to create good bud and that’s not exactly true. Of course if it were a perfect world you would want to have the exact area needed for optimal growth for every plant, but in reality you can create some very legit gardens in some small areas.

Step 1- Decide on a grow box, grow tent, or closet grow.

These are the three best options when growing weed in your room. If your closet is decent size then you can use that. If cannot sacrifice all of your closet space you can use a grow box to separate the grow from your personal space. If you have a bit more room or a very large closet you could use a grow tent to simplify your garden and keep it neater.

Step 2- Choose Your Lighting

The downfall of small spaces is that they need proper ventilation. This becomes more important when you add the heat lights create. Some lights get hotter than others. If you use an HID light you will need a fairly creative and extravagant venting system will enough fans to move out the hot air.

If you choose fluorescent or LED lights you can keep your grow space cooler but you will still need plenty of air circulation. Most experts agree that HID lighting is the best for budding top quality medicine. However it is very hard to keep cool in a small room so you must use what works for your space.

Step 3- Choose a Medium

What are you going to grow your plants in? If you have enough space you could set up a hydroponics system such as a drip feed or an ebb and flow system. If you want to keep it simple then you can use potting containers with soil less mixture like pro mix. Keep your plants watered so the medium is damp but do not over water your plants.

Step 4- Plant and Create a Schedule

Now all you do is plant your seeds or seedlings and keep a consistent watering and feeding schedule. Different strains will vary but you will need to have your plants on 18 hours of light while vegging and 12 hours of light while budding.


Photo credit: Addison Place at Boca Raton / / CC BY

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