White hairs when to harvest weedThere are many ways to start growing weed. The way you choose to start growing will depend on how easy you want your grow, how much you want to spend and if you plan on growing indoors or outdoors. Most likely you will want to start with a grow that will produce the best quality bud while making the process the easiest to maintain.

Advice for Best way to Start Growing Indoors

The best way to start indoors is with a soil-less mix like pro-mix and fluorescent lights for vegging. Then you will need a separate room or closet for budding and you will also need a light good for blooming like an HID light or an LED light.

Tips for Best Way to Start Growing Outdoors

For outdoor growing the major difference is that you will need to find a good spot, a location that gets enough sun for good production but enough cover to ensure security. You also should look for a nearby water source but plants should not be in a flood zone.

Once you have chosen your spot you can dig holes for each plant, about 3x3x3 should do. You can also use pro-mix or you can use soil form the area you dig your holes. If you choose to use native soil you can amend it with blood meal and then bat guano later in the season for blooming.

Start with Rooted Clones if Possible

Whether growing indoors or outdoors you should start with clones or seedlings over seeds. Germinating seeds is ok but you can never be sure you have the females you are after. If you get clones from a female plant it will ensure you get a female plant. A rooted clone is also easier to start growing with versus a seed.

A few other things to keep in mind for outdoor growing is that you will need to protect your plants from pests like deer, mice, slugs and carnivores that might be interested in digging up your fertilized soil. For indoor growers you will need plenty of fans and ventilation to keep air moving over your plants and keep your lights cool.

Once your plants start showing white hairs you know they are starting their flowering phase. For indoor growers you should research how long to have your plants under 18 hours of light. Then make the switch to 12 hours on 12 hours off.

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