The Laughing Buddha (Lgb) strain registers particularly high in sativa. It is a robust and hearty hybrid of the Thai (Tha) and Jamaican (Jam) strains. The majority of the world’s supply is grown in Amsterdam, but several popular producers are found in states like California, Colorado and Montana.

Laughing Buddha is exceptional in the relieving of pain and stress causes by glaucoma, arthritis, and mild migraines that are not treated with synthetic barbiturate prescriptions. The most widely reported cessation of medical symptoms comes from people suffering from depression. Individuals electing the Laughing Buddha strain as a natural antidepressant state that the smoke is thick, pungent, and pleasant. Euphoria from serotonin production is almost immediate. Long-term users of Laughing Buddha notice that the strain’s flavor is not easily masked by other smoke, nor does it become “flat and boring.”

This strain is a high-production variety presenting huge colas in mature female crops. The bundles are most often described as “frosty,” effervescent, and trichomatic. This strain is grown in both equatorial regions, as well as, places where sunlight is intermittent. The unique crossing makes Laughing Buddha appropriate for indoor hydro set-ups, and outdoor plots. Considering the type of light the plants are exposed to, flowering and maximum potency occurs between 12-14 weeks.

This is probably not the best strain to raise for new growers since Lgb can be temperamental from seed. Once the plant is established however, it will produce lush and full canopies. Laughing Budda takes ten or fifteen minutes to embed in the system. Once in the bloodstream, the calming effect is extremely pleasant and last four or five hours. Considering its positive application for countering many medical conditions, the cost and availability of Laughing Buddha is attractive and a great choice.

Photo credit: MarihuanayMedicina / Source / CC BY-SA

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