Lemon Skunk is a very potent strain of marijuana. The THC content tested at about 18%. The lemon skunk is an A+ rated hybrid created by the near even mixing of sativa and indica strains. The plant is gorgeous. It is lime green in color and has a great deal of amber pistils which are coated in trichomes. Open the medication and it immediately becomes clear why it’s called lemon skunk. The plant has a very strong lemon odor with a sweet undertone that hints of candy.

Physical Attributes

Lemon Skunk not only looks lemon green, it has a strong lemony flavor as well. It is also very sweet, reminiscent of lemon candy. It tastes great and leaves a pleasant flavor in the mouth. It also has a strong skunk taste which blends beautifully with the lemon of the sativa. This medicine will probably be great to use as an edible because of its naturally sweet lemony flavor.

Smoking the medication is a pleasure. It’s probably best to use small amounts at a time because the medication is so strong. The lemon flavor is very distinct when you inhale. The skunk smell seems to predominate when you exhale. The lemon skunk tastes like it has citral mixed with the skunk taste. It is a very nice strain.

Lemon Skunk Effects

You can feel the effects of the lemon skunk throughout your entire body. It begins in the head and works its way down. It takes a few minutes to begin to feel the full effect of the medication. Lemon skunk is ideal for daytime use. It gives a meditative feel which gradually gives way to increased energy, yet you never feel down. The medication is also an effective pain reliever. Lemon skunk is ideal for people who have problems eating because not only does it stimulate the appetite, it seems to heighten the flavors of the food as well.

This cross between indica and sativa has shown itself to be extremely potent. That means patients only need to use one bowl of the medication to get the desired effect. The zesty lemon characteristics present in the lemon skunk make it a pleasure to use. Both the smell and the taste seem to hint that both the sativa and the indica had a lemon flavor in them. Whether it’s smoked or used as an edible, lemon skunk proves to be a very effective and tasty medication.

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