There are hundreds of different strains and breeds of marijuana making it an incredibly hard item to choose from. That being said, knowing a bit about a few different types that are becoming popular may help you decide just what strain is right for you. One strain that is gaining in popularity is the Madzilla strain. This strain is named for none other than a woman that claims she is the world’s most famous pot head.

The strain is known to be particularly potent with a few other attributes that make it a bit more special than your run of the mill marijuana strain. The strain is also known for a few attributes that are particular to it such as its aroma, potency, and overall feeling that it gives the user.
Though the stronger the marijuana the more likely that the user is going to experience adverse affects, Madzilla gives the user a more mellow high that is pleasant and that can help combat common medical issues.
Much like other strains of marijuana, this can be used for medical purposes like glaucoma, pain, and other issues. This strain is a cross between King Louis XIII and Skywalker Sweet Pine so it is aromatic and somewhat floral.
This has the best of both strains in it and it is known to relax sore muscles and help ease body pain. Like many other strains, this is bred to be mellow enough that you can use it more often than others and it does offer full body effects which is nice for any user that is using it for medical purposes.
The look of Madzila is also a bit out of the ordinary with very dark green hues and bright orange pistils as well as a layer of thick sticky trichomes. This is a very earthy and somewhat heavy strain that is certainly going to leave you knowing that you have had a good batch. This also has some floral notes that are attributed to the Skywalker. This is overall a great strain for those that need help with pain and stiffness but that do not want a marijuana that is going to leave them twitchy and high strung.
As of yet this is a relatively new strain so there is not much information available about it. There is sure to be more information come out soon as this strain gains in popularity and begins to be distributed among the marijuana smoking populace.
Photo credit: Symic / Foter / CC BY

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