M.O.B. is a strain of marijuana that comes from Maine. The acronym stands for “Mother of Berries,” due to its genetic makeup, or “Money over Bitches,” due to its flowering time. M.O.B. is an amazing strain of marijuana because it is not only fragrant, but also provides for a long and mellow high. M.O.B. is a great medical marijuana choice for both the seasoned medical marijuana user, and those who smoke only occasionally for medicinal purposes.

M.O.B. is from the Indica strain of medical marijuana and is classified as a Heavy Indica. Indica strains typically provide the user with a strong body high, one that is very physical and deeply relaxing. The strain is crossed with blueberry and is exclusively produced in the State of Maine. The color is an amazing frosted green with slight touches of purple pigment interspersed throughout the nuggets. The nuggets are sticky and fat. It is a beautiful strain of weed, in addition to providing a soothing and deep high. M.O.B. flowers within 42 days.

Due to its blueberry genetics, M.O.B. has a potently fragrant and fruity smell. It is a delicious strain of weed and tastes of blueberry entirely through each inhalation. Some people have described M.O.B. as almost tasting and smelling of blueberry cheesecake.

Due to its Indica genetics, M.O.B. provides for a deep and relaxing high. It has been known to be good for smoking in the daytime for those who have a high tolerance to medical marijuana. Those with a lower tolerance may find that the relaxation is so deep that they will be very sleepy. The high that M.O.B. provides generally lasts for at least one-and-a-half hours, even for those who have a high medical marijuana tolerance. Some have experienced a numb feeling that leads to a sleepy high after smoking M.O.B.

M.O.B. generally costs about $40 to $50 for one-eighth of an ounce at medical marijuana dispensaries. M.O.B. has been a favorite of medical marijuana enthusiasts and some have found it difficult to come by, due to its exclusive production in Maine. However, those who have smoked it enjoy the blueberry taste and pleasurable high and have noted that they would use it on a more regular basis.

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