Perma Frost Strain of Marijuana

Not all-medical marijuana users or medical staff may be familiar with a strain of marijuana developed from two other strains of marijuana known as, Trainwreck and White Widow. These two strains known world-over for their properties by medical marijuana users and medical staff may need some additional information in regards to the Perma Frost strain that is a hybrid strain of Marijuana.

The permafrost strain of marijuana presents an outgrowth of hair-like substances that are thick and frosty in appearance on the plant leaves and is largely a Sativa strain.

Characterizes of Perma Frost

Since all individuals are, different in the way he or she tastes and smells scents and in the way he or she may react to varying strains of marijuana, they may or may not experience all or part of the following characterizes of Perma Frost. Most do agree that this strain leaves the person feeling as though they want to and need to get things accomplished. These good side effects listed, by many reviews lasts all day. Morning and afternoon is the best time to use this strain of marijuana.

• Smells of exotic fruit, mango, pine scent, strawberry, and of citrus
• For Day time use
• Tastes great
• Offers users pain control
• Allows creative thoughts to flow
• Offers increase in energy
• Increases focus
• Increases communication
• Leaves feelings of happiness with an uplifting aura

As with anything in life, there may be some side effects. Individuals may or may not experience a dry mouth, a headache, some slight dizziness, dry eye syndrome and possibly some paranoia. The terminally ill patient on Perma Frost may see an increase in appetite and notice a decrease in nausea; possibly, from their illness or other medications prescribed by their doctor.

What Makes Perma Frost Different from other Marijuana Strains?

This marijuana strain is effective for eliminating or greatly decreasing chronic aches and pains, however, research found this strain to be less effective for chronic pain that is at a severe level. Research found that Perma Frost is an excellent marijuana strain to those symptoms from depression related disorders.

• Eliminates high stress
• Eliminates anxiety
• Decreases or eliminates nervousness
• Takes the feelings of fatigue away
• Removes tension

Many patients suffering from the following conditions may find the strain of Perma Frost very helpful in eliminating symptoms and see an overall improvement in condition.

• Multiple Sclerosis
• Gastrointestinal Disorders
• Anxiety
• ADD and ADHD
• Arthritis
• Asthma

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