SnowCap is a high to medium strain of marijuana that is of the sativa variety. Snow cap is a very dense kind of marijuana that has a light green appearance, citrusy taste, and it is commonly consumed as a treatment for anxiety and bipolar disorder.


SnowCap is a very lightly colored strain that is kind of piney, and unlike other kinds of light colored strains it contains large number orange colored hairs. The hairs are also light in color, and they may even resemble peachy in color. SnowCap gets its name from the tons of crystals that evenly cover the outside of the buds. SnowCap is a very dense strain. A common problem with persons who purchase this strain is that a baggy of it may look like it contains far less that is actually in it. This should be remembered when smoking SnowCap as it may result in consuming more than one was intending to.


The dominate taste in SnowCap is the strong taste of lemons. This is followed up with a strong citrus taste that compliments it very well. SnowCap produces a strong pungent odor of marijuana that can also be tasted in one’s mouth. Many persons report that SnowCap has a taste that is commonly referred to as diesel in other strains.


The effects of SnowCap are very clear headed. It produces a strong uplifting feeling that makes it a great strain for persons who planning on using it during the daytime, or will be doing something active. It tends to not fog one’s head, and it allows for clear thinking. It also produces strong and equal feeling of being energetic, euphoric, and relaxed.

Medical benefits

The most prominent benefits of SnowCap are its ability to relieve stress and depression. This makes it a great strain for treating depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD. Its ability to produce clear headed thinking makes it a great strain for persons who are suffering from ADHD alongside these other problem. SnowCap is able to relieve nausea, cramps, and pain as well. As a result, it is the perfect strain for persons who are suffering from PMS.


The negative aspects of using SnowCap are very limited. It does cause persons to have dry eyes, and it may produce a little bit of dry mouth. It will generally not produce feelings of paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, or lethargy.

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