As the market for medical marijuana continually expands, so do the strains of plants being put into circulation. With every passing year, the potential of the medicine expands and the ability of the patient to understand exactly what they are getting with each dosage expends as well. One such strain experiencing a surge in popularity is the Space Queen Strain. This strain stimulates both the minds of users in addition to the taste buds. Its flavor profile is appealing, bringing to the table sweet, citrus, and earthy flavors. The fruity flavor is most commonly noted to possess a distinct hint of pineapple. In terms of the effects that users can expect, people become engaged with a heightened sense of creativity and euphoria. The uplifted mood is typically accompanied by an increase in energy reserves as well.

Heritage and Popularity

The Space Queen Strain receives high rating when it comes to user reviews around the country, experiencing the most popularity in Denver, Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento. The strain is produced by the River Valley Collective and has been in circulation since the December of 2010. Officially, Space Queen Strains are classified as being of the -A variety. It is actually a hybrid strain that is made by combining the strains Cinderella 99 and Romulan. In most locations, this strain sells for $95 an ounce. Unlike many potent strains of medical marijuana, Space Queen features a much less pungent smell. Instead, the aroma tends to be sweet and fresh.

Impact and Effects

In terms of medicinal applications, this strain is most commonly used by those individuals seeking relief from depression. It is not recommended to be used to treat those whose condition focuses on anxiety and paranoia. Users report that the strain produces effects that can last for two to three hours before further use is required. The product delivers a body high that produces feelings that are akin to floating. The energy that also comes with the experience tends to be oriented in the mind, producing a somewhat “racey” effect that is eventually balanced out by the feelings experienced in the body and limbs.


This strain is not recommended for first-time users due to the strength of the effect and the duration. One should be prepared for the results before actually taking the medication, in other words. It is also not advised that this product be taken late in the evening or at night due to the fact that it encourages activity and keeps the user awake. However, it is a great strain for regular use throughout the day as long as it is taken periodically.

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