Sprouting weedSo you have decided to grow marijuana and furthermore you have opted to grow from seeds. Congratulations, you have taken the first step on a journey that will lead to many benefits and not just from the great bud you are going to harvest. Before you can get there however you will need to take the first step. The first step in growing from seed is to sprout those seeds. Sprouting seeds is also known as germinating. By sprouting the seeds before you plant them you give marijuana seeds the best shot at maturing into killer plants.

If you do not germinate your seeds, there is a greater chance that they will jump out of the soil when the tap root sprouts. This will most likely ruin the seed. Also, by sprouting your marijuana seeds you will be able to weed out any seeds that may not be optimal. If they are taking too long to germinate or are not germinating at all, you know you should not waste your time and resources on them.

The easiest way to sprout marijuana seeds without equipment specifically designed to germinate seeds is to use a damp paper towel.

The Method of Sprouting Marijuana Seeds

The first thing you will want to do is take a paper towel and dampen it so that it is wet throughout. Ring out excess water so that you can be sure the paper towel is not going to rip and tear apart.

Place several seeds in the moistened paper towel but not too many, make sure each seed has room to sprout. Then fold the paper towel over the seeds ensuring that there is NO light that can get to your sprouting marijuana seeds.

Now place the paper towel with your seeds in it on a dinner plate. Cover that plate with another plate creating a lock so that no moisture can escape and no light can enter.

After 24 hours check back and see if your seeds have sprouted. Marijuana seeds usually sprout within 1-4 days. However some seeds may take a week or more, older seeds can take a longer time to germinate.

Once your seeds have sprouted take them out of the paper towel and plant them! To plant your sprouted marijuana seed simply make a small hole in your soil about one inch deep. Place the sprouted seed in the hole root down. Loosely cover the seed with soil and gently pat it down. All done!

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