When looking for the best medical marijuana it will be impossible to miss the high powered strain known as Super Blue Dream. In some places it is just called Super Blue, most dispensaries will carry it, and it is guaranteed to be one of the most potent strains on the market. For people with knowledge of strains, it is considered a hybrid meaning a blend of indica and sativa. However, it is generally considered to be linked more closely with sativa in effects.

Physical Attributes of Super Blue Dream

When you first look at one of this buds nuggets it is light and fluffy. The leaves can be dark green and sometimes will have a blue tinge to them. The hairs are a bright orange and the buds are covered in THC. By the time it is purchased it will be fairly dry and crispy. It won’t offer much smell until it cracked open and the aroma that is sealed inside is allowed out.
Smell and Taste
Once you crack open the bud with your fingers or grind it you’re going to get a sweet candy scent with a hint of cheese. If your nose is really sensitive you can also pick up a slight undertone of mint if you take a deep inhale.

This herb will hit very smooth, the taste is just about equally as sweet as when you smell it after grinding. If you use a vaporizer the smell and taste will become much more pungent.

Super Blue Dream Helps with…

This strain is great for relieving pain. It gives a nice feeling in the body like many of the indica strains mixed with the cerebral effects of sativa. This strain is also known to increase appetite and will help stomach or eating issues if you have any.

This strain is definitely a hard hitter, it will slow your reaction times and give you powerful body sensations. The effects can also last for up to 5 or 6 hours and should be used wisely since the potency can make it hard to function. In other words, it’s great for medical use but don’t smoke it if you have any commitments for the day.

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