Best soil mix for cannabis
Here is another loaded question you often see asked on the internet; what is the best soil mixture for cannabis? Like so many other things in marijuana growing the answer is, that depends. With so many variables you will have to buy my grow guide to get all the details but here we will be taking a look at a simple outdoor soil mixture that will work very well for most beginners.

Start with Garden Soil

A nice backyard loam is a perfect start for growing cannabis. It already has some of the nutrient and draining attributes that you look for which is the reason it is so widely used in gardening. If you do not have any loam on your property you can pick some up at your local gardening center.


Garden compost is an excellent soil amendment. Decaying leaves produce leaf mold which is rich in nutrients and organic organisms. Leaf mold will help speed up nutrient intake and give your plants a boost. Be sure to use garden compost on outdoor plants only.

Organic Manures

You can use farm manure for growing outdoors but it is preferred to get commercial organic manure so there is no chance of pests and diseases. Chicken and rabbit manure make great vegging fertilizers while bat manure or guano is great for flowering.

Coco Peat or Peat Moss

Coco peat is partially decomposed coconut pith. Peat moss is partially decomposed moss that has slowed its decomposition from being in a boggy area. Peat is good as a soil amendment because it will hold water well and contains some nutrients.

Rock Powders

Use rock powders like vermiculite or perlite to help the plant get oxygen and also help the plant with water drainage. This is an important part of your mixture, without proper drainage your plants could drown. It may seem strange but too much water is the most common way to kill a weed plant.


This is a very simple outdoor soil mixture that people have used to grow some of the best plants in the world. Play with the mixture and tweak the recipe until you are satisfied with your results.

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