Secret on growing weedThe secret of producing top quality herb has to do with experience and diligence. Professional growers consistently grow killer bud because they put in years of effort and they are genuinely passionate about producing the best medical marijuana possible.

Trial and Error

One thing many growers get caught up in is the thought that all the good ideas have been taken. They mimic the efforts of successful growers and the results are varied. The growers who reach High Times status are the ones who think outside the box.

This style of growing can take years to dial in. Meticulous records and observation is required but the payoff id the very best weed produced, award winning weed.

Be Passionate about Your Product

Whether you are a business man, an athlete or a pot grower, if you want the very best results you must be passionate about your efforts. Being passionate means that you genuinely intend to produce marijuana that is unique and serves its purpose. All the best growers have an idea of what they want they want their final result to accomplish.

Passion is the attribute that pushes growers past the tedious duties of studying all their grows and the grows of others to learn as much as they can about all combinations of hybrids. Just wanting to get killer bud plus a big yield is not good enough to produce the best weed.

Optimize Space, Light and Air

It takes a lot of space to grow the best weed. Every plant should have an optimal amount of light, air and space in order to grow its very best. This situation is very rare in the weed growing world. Usually we only have so much space and so much money to work with. An optimal amount of fans and lights can rack up quite the electric bill. However if you want the best you will need to except that you are going to invest a lot of time, money and space.

Most marijuana growers can produce very good weed but it takes an experienced, passionate grower to produce marijuana that is of rare quality.

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