White Rhino is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. It is 90% Indica and 10% Sativa.

White Rhino Roots

Brazilian Sativa

South Indian Indica


White Rhino Appearence

White Rhino is very dense and produces extremely crystallized buds. The color is light olive green with whitish leaves. The white comes from the crystals making it look frosty. For the inexperienced smokers, this is a great attribute of the marijuana. It makes it a very strong looking strain.

White Rhino Smell

The smell of White Rhino is very strong to say the least. You can almost say it has an overwhelming smell. When sniffed closely, one can sense sour berries and spicy anise.

White Rhino Taste

White Rhino’s taste is a bit confusing. On one hand, you can taste almost a sour and sweet candy flavor. On the other hand, it tastes peppery but not in a bad way at all. The taste is amazing and one of the best I have tried.

White Rhino Effetcts

Last but surely not least, the effects of the smoking White Rhino. White Rhino is usually above 20% in the THC range. This makes a big difference in what it does when smoked. This strain can surely be a “1 hit, quit” type of experience.

One hit can even last over an hour. In smaller consumption, the Sativa is brought out a little bit more. This makes one more energized and in a happy feeling. It also brings on muscle relaxation and pain relief. We all know how that feels. In large dosages, one’s whole body gets numb and it heats you up a bit.

It can even become psychedelic in a sense where you are pinned to the couch and seeing patterns and colors in your head. Do not let this scare you off! It is a fantastic feeling but way beyond a normal Indica experience. You may feel like this for a good 4-5 hours so enjoy it!

For severe pain in Medical Marijuana Patients, this is one of the most effective medicines. Zero pain for hours but get ready for the ride! I would not recommend this for beginners but I highly recommend it for experienced Medical Marijuana patients. It is specially made to be a strong narcotic pain reliever. It can also be very good for depression and OCD but not very much for anxiety. As you can imagine, may make you a bit more anxious if you are already suffering from anxiety.

Photo credit: Dank Depot / Foter / CC BY

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